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how do I sign up its not letting me do it
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I would like to speak to someone about the dental work. Thanks
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I am in serious need of a new set of dentures broken teeth. and a hole in the roof. Afraid they will break soon
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Tiffany 67

Please I can have all x-ray's sent to you. I just don't have 7500.00 for all they need to do.
I have a root canal that the tip is broke and split. I have several teeth missing but my front teeth are needing help. I have to eat with the front teeth because I have no molars that touch each other in the back. I was told I need two plates crown and root canal and one bridge. my root canal has been repaired three times and now it is un repairable. please I cant keep getting a temp build up so I can smile. I cant eat any thing hard and I have gone to liquid diets or noodles or even finely ground food. I can not live this way for ever.... Please.
Talk to Tiffany 67
Please I need help e-mail me at I need full extractions & perm. dentures
Talk to KimC1213
I have a tooth in the back that I think may be abscessed, face is swollen. I also think I may have several cavities. Do not have insurance and CAN NOT afford a dentist.
Talk to Joe4glo
I have teeth that are loose and front teeth are missing. I need help with care.
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